Implementing Generative AI


Building Large Language Models

Custom-built LLMs tailored to your specific business needs with ongoing support, including maintenance, troubleshooting and upgrades.


Model Training and Inference

Train GenAI models on your organizations data in real-time to accelerate insights for making informed decisions.


Automate Workflows

Automate business processes and reduce or eliminate time-consuming tasks, and enable your teams to speed their work.

Empower Applications with Large-Scale Generative AI Models

Accelerate your AI initiatives from data sourcing to prompt engineering and enhancement with responsible AI by customizing generative models with labeled data and deep understandings of language and code for your specific scenario with our experienced, multilingual, certified and on-demand AI team.

Generative AI Integrations


Generative AI for Analytics

Discover unprecedented opportunities by identifying deeper insights in data.


Generative AI for ITOps, NOC, and SoC

Automate workflow, enhance productivity and transform IT Operations.


Generative AI for Sales

Boost productivity and deliver personalized customer interactions at scale.


Generative AI for Marketing

Transform the way you generate content and engage customers.


Generative AI for Agile and DevOps

Transform workflows, improve efficiency, and enhance collaboration.


Generative AI Apps for DataBricks

Data-centric approach to AI for easy building, deploying and managing LLM applications.

Why Businesses adopt Generative AI ?


Customer Excellence

Drive engagement & productivity and empower proactive services while exceeding customer expectations.


Hyperautomation and Low Code

Automate workflows across the enterprise and innovate with low code.


Modernize Digital Operations

Experience newfound agility, cost efficiency and resilient delivery by harnessing data-driven insights.


Reshape Marketing

Build Lasting relationships with customers by making 1-to-1 personalization a reality with Gen AI.


Transform DevOps Workflows

Accelerate software delivery, improve system reliability and automate toil in CI/CD pipeline.


Discover Unprecedented Opportunities

Improve data exploration and enhance efficiency and performance of data analytics workflows.

Take Control of Generative AI Investments with Cloud FinOps

A strategic financial approach to sound investments for helping enterprises to ensure maximum business value.


Generative AI on AWS

Reinvent your applications with Gen AI to innovate new customer experiences, achieve unprecedented productivity levels and transform your business.


Amazon Bedrock

The easiest way to build and scale generative AI applications with FMs.


AWS Trainium

Train faster with up to 50% savings on training costs over comparable Amazon EC2 instances.


Amazon Inferentia

Run high-performance FM inference with up to 40% lower cost per inference over comparable Amazon EC2 instances.


Amazon CodeWhisper

AI coding companion that helps you build applications faster and more securely, free for individual use.


Hugging Face on AWS

Train, fine-tune, and deploy Hugging Face models on AWS.


Amazon SageMaker

Build, train, and deploy FMs at scale.

Generative AI on Azure

Build Gen AI with Azure OpenAI Services to empower your apps with Azure Generative AI and large Language model development services for enabling organizations with new reasoning and comprehension capabilities.


Large, Pretrained AI Models


Built-in Responsible AI


Enterprise-Grade Security


Custom AI Models

Generative AI on Private Cloud


Complete control over the hardware


Established security rules and defined processes


Computational resources as well as long running training jobs can be cost efficient


Why build with XenonStack?

Secure Customization

Customize and train Foundation Models for your business by keeping the data encrypted. Data will stay private and confidential.

Cost-Effective Infrastructure

Train your Generative AI models on the optimized infrastructure which is cost effective and easily scalable as per the requirements.

AWS ML Competency Partner

Recognized as AWS Machine Learning Competency Partner for experience in Applied AI, ML Platform Solutions, Generative AI and ML Operations.

Continuous Experimentation

Adapting the Continuous Experimentation approachto innovate, enhance performance and productivity with agility.


Building the generative model which is best suited for your business use case with seamless integrations.


Deploy securely, run in any platform

Deploying Generative AI with the most optimized and secure infrastructure which can effectively train & run FMs containing hundreds of billions of parameters and easy to scale.

Models Supported by Us

Diffusion Models

Train model for data distribution from the input

Video Editing

Model that learn to create and edit videos

Image to Image

Models that learn to transform a source image to match the characteristics of a target image

Audio to text

Models that learn taking the input audio and predict the text content of the words and sentences

Text to Image

Model that learns to take your written description and create a picture based on the prompt you provided

Image to Text

Model that learns to take your picture input and create a text description on the prompt you provided

Get Started Today

Create an Account

Log in with GitLab & bring your own Model or use pre-built images of Stable Diffusion, GPT-J etc for deployment.

Choose method

Write a quick load and infer to get started and don't need to worry about runtime and hardware.

Deploy into Production

Get public inference endpoints fast and get an instant response.


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